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Jennifer Johnson

Who is Jennifer Johnson?

CEO and Founder of Through the Journey, LLC. Jennifer is committed to its mission to motivate and inspire. She encourages healthy relationships and is here to empower you to transform your mind, body, and soul.

Author, Empowerment Coach, Mediator, and Motivational Speaker

Jennifer realized the power of sharing her experiences through her writing and speaking engagements. 

She is passionate about creating courses, journals, novels, and workbooks to inspire others. She utilizes personal stories to complete works of fiction and published her debut novel, All Things Come to an End, in July 2020. 

Jennifer received her Master's Degree from Regent University School of Law where she focused on Alternative Dispute Resolution. Her goal with coaching and mediation is to help people work out their issues, enhance communication, and improve relationships. She believes everyone's journey is not the same, but each journey offers personal and spiritual growth, which is needed to achieve one's fullest potential. 

Like most women, she's been through some stuff in her life. Jennifer was a teen mom with a passion for writing but put that aside to raise her children and continue her education. She has had a long career in the legal field. She experienced infidelity in her marriage and dealt with anxiety and depression. Through it all, she lost her identity and had to rediscover herself. Each situation has taught her that she needed to learn how to move out of the way, stop fighting, and let God work in her life.

Jennifer is a true cancer who is nurturing, highly intuitive, and loves spending time with her family.

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